COAD Purpose

The Maricopa County COAD (MCCOAD) was established in 2020 to increase the ability of community organizations to effectively and efficiently respond to disasters.

During an event, the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management activates MCCOAD to assist in response and recovery. 

MCCOAD provides an essential service to our community by streamlining request fulfillment and communication.

MCCOAD serves as a liaison between government agencies and community organizations within the existing county emergency management structure.

COAD Objectives

Education:  Promoting training and increasing awareness and preparedness in each organization.

Leadership Development: Giving volunteer leaders support, mentorship and guidance to help build organizations that are more effective. 

Mitigation:  Supporting the efforts of federal, state and local agencies and governments and supporting appropriate legislation to reduce potential threats. 

Outreach: Promoting awareness of how organizations, businesses, families, and individuals can prepare for emergencies and participate in local disaster relief and recovery efforts.

Volunteer Reception Center: Facilitating the staffing and management of volunteers within the disaster setting.

Principles of COAD